Sorrow is like a precious treasure, shown only to friends and get from them also…!!


I am venkatraman who will expect more from friends and finally got trouble in them.This was  happened in my office.

I got misunderstanding with my friend who name is like shiny brain.Finally she thought that I am bad person.But in my friend’s opinion they said that you didn’t do anything wrong.I am afraid of that I did anything wrong to her.She didn’t talk to me.I accept it and leave her alone.

I just thought her like a sister.Actually, This fight was just to realize me where my position of my relationship towards her.She thought that I was just time pass to her.

A small learnings from my office friends,

  • Just think everyone as passing clouds in your life. Then you won’t get hurt by anyone in this world.
  • You can’t force someone to feel the same thing as YOU.!
  • Everyone has some responsibilities to accomplish it.Please avoid negative people around them.
  • Be patient, accept the pain and smile like getting an award from  friends..!
  • Do your work.Good ones come and stay forever in your life.
  • Don’t be over excitement towards people.They will treat you like a mud.
  • Spend time for people who loving as a brother, friend,etc., avoid who are acting.
  • Feel confident that you are alone.
  • Feel proud that you don’t want to depend on anybody for anything.

Final Verdict:

No Expectations………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Disappointments…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hereafter I won’t expect anything from anybody.This is my last sad blog to my readers.


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