My Office Experiences

Hi Friends,

I am Venkatraman N who completed UG degree in the stream of ECE.

After many failures in interview.I was selected in one company at Tagore engineering college.

My first company is SCOPE E-Knowledge Center Pvt. Ltd.

I had gone to the company with full of excitation’s and enjoyments along with my colleagues.My first colleague was deepan chakkaravarthy who was quite caring and fun loving person. Arivu who looks like a line drawing but bold person in our gang. An interesting guy who was named as Dhanasekar,Fun loving person, A classy director Lokesh, Charming baky and so on.These are my closed ones.

We had a great enjoyments in theaters and shopping malls.My first film was Romeo & Juliet.Another Papanasam and VSOP.

My colleagues were taught me to behave like a professional in groups and how to be easygoing with others.They were said that i am behave like a childish manner.I am afraid of accepting my mistakes that leads to they thought me as a bad person.So I am stubborn in accepting that.

Everybody thinks that what incident can make you to accept …!!

Many incidents were happened everyday.But I don’t care about anything. I don’t know about many times am blabbering ,not concentrating and all.This makes me to behave like a enemy among my colleagues.My colleague’s friends were also not liking me to me as a friend…!!.This makes me to feel so degrade of myself.So I must change myself.

Time has arrived to change.Now I am realizing my mistakes.

The days were passed in my company.I had familiar with all my colleagues.


A little bit of tension and huge amount of happiness were passed in my office life.Now I am realizing my mistakes what I did.But my colleagues are not understanding me whether I have changed or not.They have changed to colleagues to Bestiees….!! Ever…!!…

Free advises for my readers….!!

  • Please be patient and focus on your career. Learn as much as possible in work environment.
  • Make friends as world.
  • Accept your mistakes.
  • Learn from them and should not repeat them……!!

COLLEAGUES ——————————————–> FRIENDS…!!!








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